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EP 11: SOLOCAST Kat learning through conspiracy theories

January 10, 2022 Kat Guthrie & Sophie Bauer Season 1 Episode 11
Seriously Spiritual
EP 11: SOLOCAST Kat learning through conspiracy theories
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Today's topics:

  • Discerning the truth of conspiracy theories
  • How holding fear will distort your intuition
  • A few random conspiracy theories Kat's highest self says are true

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Kat Guthrie:

Hello, everyone, welcome back to another episode of Seriously Spiritual. I am your host Kat and it's going to be just me today. Sophie is preparing for a trip to come see me, we're gonna have another business business outing business trip. She's flying here from Costa Rica and I'm in California. So we figured we would give her the day off. And and I would talk today about the idea of conspiracy theories. And if you've been listening to the podcast, you know that I spout some pretty weird stuff, weird even from the types of things that I was talking about six months ago. And I think that when it comes to conspiracy theories, you know, it is the world is, is, at least according to my intuition, the world is a much crazier place than I ever gave it credit for. You know, I grew up as a diplobrat, as they say, my, my dad worked for the UN. And so the concept of government and international cooperation and things like that were very normalized to me. I still want the world to be a place where everybody gets along. But the reality of organizations like that, and of governments and kind of anything above the local level, starts to get really distorted. Because the more money and power you bring into anything, the more distorted things are going to be. And in my search for truth, I honestly haven't spent too much time going into conspiracy theories. So when you hear me talk about these things, I'm not really doing it from the perspective of like, I follow 1,000,001 TikTok accounts and Twitter accounts. And you know, I've gone down a million Reddit rabbit holes. I've gone down a few, seen some videos, but the way that I use them is to introduce topics to me that like I've never thought about before, you know, where like, the video popped up the other day on somebody's TikTok account, about the idea that the world the planet is apparently three times as large as, as we are led to believe that it is and that there are other, not only other pockets of humans, but other races on the planet as well that are living in these other areas. And lo and behold, my intuition says that is true. And I think that I'm just as surprised about that as anybody else is. But in order to get to the point where I trusted my intuition enough to be able to hold these things, there was a lot of work I had to do beforehand. In order to be able to hold the knowledge, basically, that like lies really heavy. You know, the idea that we're being lied to on multiple levels is like, if you're not in the right headspace for it, it's like really depressing. It's like, oh, yeah, so basically, like, so much of what we're told is a lie. Awesome, great. But it doesn't really help to, to be angry about it to be fearful about it. I mean, you can, don't get me wrong, I don't want to get in the way of your process. But like, what, what I have done to kind of get to this place, is do as much trauma healing as is humanly possible. Like I've probably spent too much time on the trauma healing, honestly, not enough time in the doing. But doing the trauma healing and removing my belief systems. And I don't mean reprogramming beliefs because you know, you can, you can replace one belief with another, but at a certain point on your spiritual journey you reach, you reach a level where you don't need to hold beliefs anymore, you can align yourself to universal truth. This is the difference between like one person having their like personal truth, like I need to speak my truth, but also like the idea that universal truth does exist. And so if you want to keep aligning to whatever your personal truth is, that's wonderful and that's good and that's part of your process. I don't think anybody should get in the way of that. But at a certain point, I decided that I really wanted to align myself to universal truth. And I had to, at that point, believe that universal truth did exist, right. But the problem is that most of the time, our, what we are told is true about the world of so obfuscated by larger forces, larger planetary forces, financial forces, things like that, that it's really hard to get down to, down to the actual information. So in order to be able to hold all of the information about the way that the world actually works, and not be in fear about it, because that's really the thing that's going to distort your own ability to see things clearly is, is whether or not you're in fear about something, is really about removing your beliefs and healing your trauma. And I think, in general, any spiritual journey, those are two of the cornerstones for a real transformative spiritual journey. I saw the other day on on, I don't know, social media, about someone who, who said, If you're not, if your spiritual journey isn't feeding the people or turning you into a revolutionary, then what is it for? And that really resonates with me because I think that like, you know, if you, if you become a spiritual person, and like, all you do is you, "I just want to live, you know, a good life and like, Just be happy, and you know, figure out who I am", like, that's all well and good, like, I'm, as sarcastic as I am being right now, I'm not actually judging that path. It's just that there is so much more available to us as human beings. There is so much more information that is available to us as human beings, if you are willing to give up your belief systems. And like, you know, one of the main ways that we get kind of trapped in these belief holes, if you will, is like through politics, for example. Like I, you know, being as in as involved in government spaces, as I've said, for a long time, you know, not, not professionally, myself, but just believing in those systems, it took me a long time to figure out that, like, I, I had political beliefs layered on top of political beliefs. So like, when I was going through the belief removal process, you know, I'd be like, Okay, I have a belief that I'm not pretty, please remove that belief. And the underlying belief would be like, Well, I don't feel like I'm pretty, in there are issues in my body, but like my face, you know, and so it's just the whittling down process. But when I got to the point where I wanted to remove all of my political beliefs, I think I said this on another podcast episode. But I, I was like, okay, you know, what, let's wipe out all of my democratic beliefs, I don't need them anymore. I wiped them all out. And for like, a period of like, two weeks afterwards, I was like, wow, is universal truth republican beliefs? Because I feel like I'm having a lot of republican beliefs come through my head. And then I figured out that in order for me to hold the democratic beliefs, I had to have an underlying layer of Republican beliefs in order to be able to hold the contrast there. And so eventually, I figured it out. And I was like, okay, you know, what, let's remove all political beliefs. And then I was really able to kind of get to this place where I could start to hold conspiracy theories, and, you know, just kind of ask to see the world, the way that it truly is, instead of the way that they tell you that it's supposed to be, and and that's a, that's a mindfuck, you know, to really start receiving information about the way that the world actually works. And, and, again, do I have any proof for any of these things? No, I do not, I could not tell you, factually speaking, that any of this stuff is true. But at a certain point, I think it's important to, to acknowledge the fact that we are all doing the best we can with the information that we are given. But where is the information that you were being given coming from? You know, just because it comes from somebody who's working in the government, doesn't mean that that person in the government isn't working through their own indoctrination, isn't working through their own trauma, god knows, isn't working through their own systems of imposed control, which can include like, subconscious versions of like, you know, having thought forms / ghosts, or, or, you know, various entities that are trying to mess them up or use them, various aliens that they're in contact with and they're not aware of, stuff like that. Also, there's the conscious stuff like they could be feeling financial pressure from, you know, from from important capital interests in government, and we never know about it. I mean, you hear so much about like, corrupt politicians, there are corrupt politicians, not just the ones that we elect every year, but like, all the way through the system, because there is, any time you involve a large amount of money in anything, there is the opportunity for corruption. And I think that's sometimes that's why it's really impressive to have people who work in government who are who are career government people, because they kind of have to withstand those pressures a lot. But the question is, are they withstanding them or not? And a lot of the time they're not, they're benefiting from it. And it's not to say again, that those are necessarily bad people or good people, the lines between good and evil are hugely blurred, but, but what really counts is are you are you consciously aware of all of the things that are affecting you? And if you are conscious of them, are you doing something to choose love over fear? Are you, and for me, choosing love over fear means wiping out my belief systems because at a certain point, it is more important to, to it was more important to me, let's say, to tap into the reality that is rather than what kept me safe. You know, my, my highest self has taken me to this new place lately where it's telling me like Kathryn, the world is not safe, it is not a safe place. And that is kind of the point. I'm not saying this, again, to be in fear. But like, you know, you look around at all of the things that are happening to any of us on a daily basis, and it's not safe. If we wanted to be safe, we would never incarnate into form to begin with, we could stay in spirit, we could have a much slower developmental process as a soul. And, and we would stay you know, safe, we would learn things, we would experiment with things. But it wouldn't be the really intense process that living a life as a human being is because it is intense. There are there are many other places in the universe, other planets, other types of species, etc, that we could be a part of that where we would have a maybe "safer" existence isn't an accurate way to describe it but a less intense existence, there are absolutely ways in which we could do this. But we're here for the really speedy, self-flagellatory process of being human. And that means that we get to advance really, really quickly. So, you know, it's not safe, safe is a misnomer. You can create feelings of safety for yourself, other people can make you feel as though you are safe. But those are created manufactured spaces. Because if you always stayed safe, you would not grow or you would grow very, very slowly. And that's not to say that we shouldn't, for example, when you have children create a sense of safety around them, they do need to know that there is a safe place where they can go. And yet some of the strongest human warriors I have ever met are the ones who lived in an inherently unsafe circumstances as a child that they had to learn to overcome. And whether they learned to overcome it while they were living there, or whether they experienced a significant amount of trauma and then learned to heal that trauma later, doesn't really matter. But safety is a vehicle towards a lack of development. So when we ask for safe spaces to be created in the world, we are essentially asking other people to stop us from making the progress that we came here to learn. So what does this have to do with conspiracy theories? Well, safety is because safety is a created thing, until you decide that you are brave enough to really tap into the truth of the world and really come to terms with what is actually happening out there, you are, until you're ready for that, that place, you're kind of always going to be holding yourself in this in this safe place. And that's okay, right. But in order for you to get to a place where you feel, basically that you are able to create enough safety for yourself to explore things, that's that's a that's a really strong and kind of what is it I'm seeing a vision of like, there's a node along any of the particular timelines that you can lead as a human being there is a specific node that exists where when you get to the point where you feel safe enough in yourself, that you can begin exploring the way that the world actually works. That is a a really powerful destination to get to. So if you can reach the node where you create enough safety in yourself and to create that safety, I mean things like healing all of your trauma, and creating stability in your life, so that you can hold all of what is to come from that. If you can create enough safety in your life and you are the only person in your life who can truly create safety for yourself. If you can get to that place, then I think it is safe to start exploring conspiracy theories. And again, I don't necessarily mean going down a Reddit rabbit hole because when you're investigating this kind of stuff, there is so much fear attached to most people's investigation. Because there is, you know, we're oh my god, we're being repressed. Oh my God, there's so many secrets. Oh my god, there's aliens everywhere and like, yeah, okay, all of that stuff is true. But it does not serve you to be in fear about any of it. Because what you're going to get when you're in fear on any of the spiritual or energetic information that you're going to be receiving is going to be affected by fear. So for example, like, I remember when I was first opening up, you know, I had moved to California, we were going through fires, things like that. And I received, I barely ever received images at that point. But I received a very strong image of like, fires, and then a tsunami, and then tidal waves. And I was like, what is happening? Oh, my God, I'm gonna die here. And the lesson for me was that I was essentially pre-waving fear, is that a lot of fear for myself and from the collective was coming at me. And in order for me to get to the actual information, the likeliest possible scenario for what was coming, I needed to kind of work through the fear. Now, I don't hold as much fear about those kinds of things anymore, and I'm better able to identify when the information I'm receiving is, is is fear based. And when that happens, it's usually like, you know, because I have such strong clairaudience, it's like, the voice in my head, I'm like, Highest Me is, is it is the most likely scenario that we're all going to die in a fire? And it will be like, Yes, you will die in fire. And I'm like, okay, so based on the way that you've said that, based on your, your expression, based on the words that you chose, that sounds to me, like I'm receiving this information in fear, is it true that I am in fear? Yes, you are in fear. Okay, let's remove the fear. And then I'm able to receive better information. So so delving into conspiracy theories, is really all about clearing out your fear. And you could also approach this from a totally different direction, if if like conspiracy theories is like a place that you're already in or really fascinated by or whatever, you can use this as a tool for, for exploring your own fear. And so you know, you you read a thread, about some awful thing that's happening in the world, and you totally start to freak out. And then you're like, wait, okay, I can identify the fear inside me, let's start doing the healing around this fear. And if you don't have tools yet for clearing your fear, clearing your trauma, I think Sophie and I have talked about those a little bit on other podcasts. But that is something that both both of us do. There are lots of different techniques out there that can teach you how to do that kind of clearing. Shameless plug for a program that I'm starting called Clairessence Academy. I'm looking for beta testers right now and one of the things that you will learn in that academy is how to clear your trauma. So if you're interested, let me know more. Anyway. Um, so all of that is to say, conspiracy theories can be a really useful tool for healing if you let it and pretty much any tool out there can be a useful tool for healing if you let it. If you are sensible about the way that you approach it, and understand that in every single moment, you are given the opportunity to choose love or to choose fear. And fear will always always always distort the kind of information that you're receiving whether spiritual or from regular people. For example, if you're constantly watching the news, you are constantly going to be inundated with fear. Media at this time is primarily fear-based, because that's what sells and they they, they want to make money more than they want to really inform the public for the most part. And if it's not the actual like journalists, journalists may want to inform the public but journalists' paychecks are being paid by people who do not necessarily care about that. So it's that old thing of follow the money. So anyway. I don't know that I actually need to talk about any particular conspiracy theories on this podcast as it is because there are so many. But what for me what takes something from being a theory into a quote unquote "reality" that I have absolutely no proof about is whether when I asked my intuition about it, whether what not not just with the information that I'm receiving from my intuition about it is but also the quality of the information coming through and again, identifying whether a thing is said in fear or in love. And sometimes you know, the thing is, if I am in too much fear about something, I'm not going to receive good information about it. Like I can heal fear and more fear and more fear and more fear. But if there is just too much fear in the way, I'm not going to get a good read on it. For example, it's really hard to get information about family members, if I am in too much fear about it, you know. I just love them so much, and I don't want them to be hurt. And oh my god, can you please tell me? Are they gonna die? Yes, the information is that they're gonna die. Oh god! It's not accurate, they're probably not going to die. Right. But because I love them so much, but I'm really in fear about them, and what that means for my life as well as theirs and everybody else's, the information isn't going to be accurate. So yeah, so. So I think the important part about this is conspiracy theories are an excellent vehicle for healing. They're also a way to kind of track your your developmental process, let's say so. Highest Self, you want me to talk about this, right? Very much, so. Okay. So when you are able to hold the type of information that consists of an actual conspiracy, which is real, when you are able to hold that conspiracy in love, and be able to see that the people engaging in it, who are creating this world, who are creating this oppression, when you're able to hold the fact that these people are not just evil, or horrible or bad, but if you can see them for being either people in their trauma, people in their pain, potentially other species who feel themselves to be separate from source, from God, from the universe, however, you want to describe that, if you can essentially see the divinity in everyone involved in any one of these conspiracy theories, that is when you know that you are at a certain developmental level, where you can truly really begin to bring in universal truth, the truth of the way that this planet is formed. Because it exists this way for, for a lot of reasons. Earth is a very desirable planet, not only in its ability to sustain life, but also human DNA, especially is highly sought after. I apparently, for example, have a set of alien grandparents, I have my two regular sets of human grandparents, but apparently I also have, it's just a grandmother? It is. Okay, so apparently I have an extra grandmother from Sirius B, which like, I don't know, again, absolutely no proof of this whatsoever. But that's the information that I've been been given. And like, had I received that information a year ago, do you think I could have held that in any kind of relaxation? No. And I probably would have just been like, that's fear. I, nope, there's nothing there's nothing there for me. But according to the information that I've received, it's real. Okay, so what do I do about that? What do I do with that to be like, ah, hey, cool. What what does that mean for me? Well, for one thing, it means that human DNA is truly sought after, and there are a lot of, there are a lot more alien races involved in our planet than we are led to believe. And there are lots of like, apparently historical reasons for why this has happened. There's been so much alien intervention on Earth, that that has really messed with the state of the planet and with human freewill, that we're just starting to come out of that period right now. I don't think it would have been possible even for somebody like me to hold all this information 200 years ago, because of certain things like frequency fences. And I think edicts of non-involvement, I guess they're saying, for certain races on Earth. So it's weird to talk about all of this stuff in an ostensibly public forum, because I know it sounds bonkers. But what is important to really understand about all of this stuff is that the world is opening up in a lot of different ways. And the reason why kind of all of this stuff is starting to come to light now is because it's kind of allowed, it's being allowed. So I think that if you're going to be in a spiritual practice, conspiracy theories are actually a very natural part of that. Because, again, if you go back to the idea that, if spirituality isn't feeding the people or turning you into a revolutionary, what is it doing for you? And the idea that there are aliens highly involved in the planet and in human affairs? That's like a pretty revolutionary idea. Not necessarily that we don't know about it, right? Like, I mean, in terms of the UFO movement that exists, but like, you know, and a lot of human beings do believe that aliens are real, but no one is, like really aware, like, very few people are, like really aware of how much involvement there is. And the point of becoming aware of that information isn't just for the knowledge of it. But it's really for the understanding of the fact that human freewill has been subverted, in some cases has been taken away from us in some cases. And, and, and then that's not a thing to be in fear about. It's really, really not, because because it's all been a very powerful learning vehicle for all of us again, like, you know, the earth, from what I understand used to be in a much higher frequency, much, much higher frequency. Is that true? It is, there's more to it than that, but but that's true. And so when we had the final kind of destruction of Atlantis, although that happened over the course of maybe 20,000 years. Yeah, that's what they're saying is true. When the final fall of Atlantis came, there was kind of this hands off thing like, Okay, human beings are just going to be controlled by this certain group of people for a little bit. And they're going to be relatively free to determine their own their own trajectory. And so that's where kind of modern human history starts. That's why we tend to think that there's nothing before, you know, modern ancient history, if you will, we were made to forget, on purpose for in order to participate in these in these outer planetary systems of control, I guess you could say. But, again, not helpful to be angry or upset about that, right, because it was partially done in love, in that they did want a certain faction of, let's say, good, beneficial alien races wanted human beings to determine some of their own stuff for themselves. But also, because we've learned a ton in the last 10-12,000 years or whatever, of basically restarting civilization over from scratch. There's been a lot a lot that the human race has, has gone through, and not necessarily in a way that like we've learned to make fire and build new things, right. But the the lessons that our souls have gone through through pain and suffering, and joy, and childbirth, and all of these things, like this is a an incredibly powerful vehicle for growth. So in all of the kind of negative ways in which the world has has been affected and everything, we've still benefited from it. If you can take any negative situation and turn it into the positive, there is so much power, you can literally take back your power by looking at all of these negative situations and figuring out how you've benefited from them. So conspiracy theories is just one of the many ways that you can do that. So that's I think, really all that I wanted to say about today. I'm sorry if I didn't talk about more conspiracy theories that some of you might be interested in. If there are specific questions that you have, I'm more than happy to, Sophie and I are both more than happy to answer those questions. If you want to shoot us a note on Instagram we're @seriouslyspiritualpodcast. You can also message me directly my my thing is @clairessencehealing, c-l-a-i-r-e-s-s-e-n-c-e-h-e-a-l-i-n-g. And, you know, this stuff is just so interesting to explore. But make sure that if you have these questions and you want to ask, really take a look at where you're coming from, are you coming from it from a place of fear or you're coming from it from a place of exploration? Because that will also change the kind of information that I am able to give you. Because your higher self is not invested in always giving you the truth, it's really not. Most of the time, what your higher self is trying to do is get you onto your greatest and happiest timeline or path. And, and so to get you into those places, it is going to tell you the information that you need to know at the time regardless of whether that information is true. So if you are actually interested in the truth, then there is a way to to get to that vibration. And if you are actually really just interested in like, am I gonna die like you're gonna receive whatever information you need to be receiving by asking the question in the first place. So that's really it. By the next time you hear our podcast, Sophie will be here with me, we will be recording hopefully a bunch while we're here together. And we're really hoping to create some pretty amazing synergistic magic when she's here. And I don't say that lightly. She is an incredibly beautiful and special person and when we get together, all kinds of crazy shit can happen. So, looking forward to being with you all again next week. And until then, be well.